Asset Oriented Modeling (AOM)

- Arc -

Assets are connected by directed arcs. 

An arc that points from asset A to asset B indicates that asset B plays a role in asset A.

Arcs can be clustered.

To comply with structural constraints, arcs can be reversed.

Note: Arcs do not represent relationships in the sense of Entity Relationship Diagrams. (These would be represented as assets.) The only exception are arcs labeled with is_a which represent a classification and inheritance relationship.


An optional role name. This can be a name formula.

An optional cardinality constraint. 

Notation Description
0<= n <= m individual arc targets.
For an unlimited upper bound use *.
/[n..m] Arc target is a collection of cardinality 0<= n <= m.
For an unlimited upper bound use *.

An optional specification constraining the range of target instances for the arc. The specification consist of the name of a container - either a display name of a Level 2 Structure containing the arc or {model} when the target range is unconstrained. If no range is specified the arc is local to the instance of the most inner container where the arc originated. The specification is prefixed with ">". 
An optional specification of the key if the target asset has several primary keys. The key is specified by its name (which defaults in case of single property keys to the name of the property). If not specified, the first primary key specified or inherited is used.



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