Pattern composite

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Description A pattern that describes a composite situation
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Pattern Info

Category generic/aggregation
Keywords Composite
Alias names Aggregation
Purpose This design pattern describes a situtation where a larger item is constituted from one or several smaller and heterogenous units.
Motivation When several smaller items (the parts) aggregate to a larget item (the composite) they enter into a relationship that is embodied by the composite. The design pattern solves this problem by explicitely defining a composite asset as an n-ary relationship between one or several part assets.
Applicability This design patterns applies to situations where the part items of a composite play a distinctive role in the business process, or when a part item plays a role in another relationship, too. Optionally, this aggregation can be enclosed by a Level 2 Structure.
Consequences This design pattern models each part of the composite as a separate asset. Advantages: This results in maximum flexibility. Each asset may belong to other relationships, too, or may establish another relationship itself. Disadvantages: The disadvantage is a less compact model. Also splitting up a model into too many assets may result in generated code with more overhead than when using properties.
Known Applications Object-oriented applications. Any application with nested structures.
Related Patterns
oneToMany http://com.bdaum.aoModeling/pattern/oneToMany
Use the oneToMay pattern for situations other than aggregates.
Level 2 Structures composite
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