Pattern IdentifiedAsset

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Description This pattern implements an asset that can be inherited from other assets in order to provide these assets with an id, a name, a description and a primary key.
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Pattern Info

Copyright (c) Berthold Daum
Category meta/generic
Keywords identification
Alias names AssetWithId
Purpose The purpose of this pattern is to propagate a uniform way to create identified assets.
Motivation Especially in database applications, a primary key is required for a business object. Inheriting this property from a command abstract asset provides clients with a common interface for all business objects.
Applicability This design pattern should be applied to most business object assets within a database application.

Advantages: Enforces a consist approach to the identification of business objects

Disadvantages: In some cases a single object ID may not be sufficient. I some cases a name or a description may not be needed.

Known Applications Database applications.
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Assets IdentifiedAsset
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